AltaiAltai Mountain range is a vast region that spans across Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and China. However, some of the most stunning places in this region are located in Altai Republic of Russia. It is located smack-dab in the middle of Asia and is considered to be of significant natural and spiritual importance. Many travelers describe the experience of exploring this region as transcendent. This is one of the most isolated places in the world and has a diverse landscape full of mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, forests, and grasslands.

The human population is low here; there are only 208,168 people scattered across a land that spans 35,800 sq miles. Needless to say, the land is unspoiled and a pleasure to explore. At Taiga Travels, we conduct several tours to Altai Mountains and Altai Republic and we’re very familiar with the area.

Worthwhile Things to See

The tourism industry has just started to flourish in Altai and some towns and villages are wonderful places to explore human culture and history. However, almost everyone visits Altai for the natural beauty of the region. There are many things to see and explore here and some of these attractions are listed below:

  • The Mountains – Without question, the Altai Mountain range is the most popular tourist attraction here. It calls adventure tourists including hikers, trekkers, explorers, etc., to this region. The golden mountains are indeed a sight to see because the landscape is pristine and untouched. If you love outdoor sports and adventures, this is definitely a place that would be on your list.

  • Rivers and Lakes – The Altai region has a number of glaciers that feed into several rivers, tributaries, and lakes. There are nearly 20,000 tributaries and about 7,000 lakes. The two major rivers in this region are Katun and Biya. These two eventually merge to form Ob River, which is considered one of the longest rivers of the region. The major adventure tourist attraction here is Lake Teletskoye, which is the source of Biya. It’s the largest lake amongst the mountains. A portion of the lake is included in the Altaisky Nature Reserve.

  • The Katun River Region – The Katun River is of great significance to the people of this region. It originates from Altai’s highest Peak, Mount Belukha and offers fish and minerals. Katun is also one of the most interesting rivers in Russia for white-water rafters, kayakers, campers, and anglers.

  • Mount Belukha – Mount Belukha has a spiritual significance amongst the native people of Altai. They believe that it’s a gateway to the mythical kingdom of Shambala. It’s certainly beautiful and intimidating enough to be a gateway to paradise.

Altai is a wonderful region to explore and offers something for everyone. Travelers who want a leisurely trip can explore the northern territory, which is gentler and easy to navigate. Adventure tourists can explore the south, which is mountainous and challenging.

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