Caucasus Mountains

Russia has several mountain ranges that support diverse ecosystems. Every mountainous region is worth exploring because it has something unique to offer. At Taiga Travel, we love taking people to new and exciting places in Russia. We encourage people to explore regions like the Baikal Lake, the Anabar Plateau, etc. One such interesting and beautiful destination is the Caucasus Mountain Range.

About Caucasus Mountains

The Caucasus Mountains are ancient and majestic. They’re located in Eurasia and lie between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. The range doesn’t belong to just one country. It’s actually present in both Asia and Europe and is spread across four countries, including Russia, Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. The diverse geography and terrain makes it a very attractive tourist destination. The Western Caucasus region was assigned as a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its diverse and unique geology, ecosystems, and wildlife.

This region has seen almost no disturbance from human settlement so you’re greeted with a completely unspoiled landscape. Even if you go there during peak season, you can be sure that human presence would be scattered and scarce. While this might seem intimidating, it also provides an experience of a lifetime. There are few places in this world that are so serene and peaceful.

What’s Special About this Region?

Most people are attracted to Caucasus because of its history and significance. It’s a big link between the European and Asian civilizations and was long believed to be the birthplace of the Caucasian race. While there is some debate on the matter, it can’t be denied that early immigrants from Africa and Asia would have had to move through this region to reach Europe.

You can see the impact of its historical significance on the people that reside there today. The population might be sparse but it is diverse. There are 50 different kinds of people that reside here and they speak different languages. You can see both Slavic and Indo-European linguistic influences amongst the people here. If you’re a history-buff and want to explore some of the most ancient regions in the world, you should visit Caucasus.

It’s not all About History and Culture

The terrain in this region allows you to indulge in a variety of activities. You can trek along the hills and valleys, raft in the numerous rivers and lakes, catch fish, hike to some of the tallest and most difficult peaks, and explore the abundant wildlife present here.

The Caucasus region is definitely worth exploring because there’s something for everyone here. Fortunately, this region is also well-connected by road and railways. It won’t be difficult or time consuming to travel from one destination to another here.

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