Gornaya Shoriya

Russia is an ancient country with a very rich history. People have lived on its land for thousands of years and not much is known about their history. After all, some places are so remote and isolated that if people lived there, it would be difficult to find evidence of it. Nevertheless, there are some interesting theories and stories about some of the most remote places in Russia. At Taiga Travel, we like taking our clients to Gornaya Shoriya just to add a hint of mystery and intrigue to their Russian Trip.

Where is it Located?

Gornaya Shoriya is located in the southern part of Siberia and sits just east of the famous Altay Mountains. It’s a mountainous terrain with parts of the Salair Ridge, the Abakan Range, and the Kuznetsk Alatau dotting the territory. Gornaya Shoriya also a part of the Kemerovo Oblast and is a very popular tourist destination. That’s not to say that it becomes crowded and noisy, but it’s easier to make travel and living arrangements around Gornaya Shoriya.

What’s so Interesting About it?

Until recently, Gornaya Shoriya was a relatively unknown place. Yes, the landscape and natural beauty of this place did attract some attention but it was considering nothing out of the ordinary for a country that had such an abundance of it. That’s until Georgy Sidorov posted a few photographs of rocks located in this region on his website. These pictures contained something very surprising and intriguing and since then, the region has amassed massive interest from archeologists, paranormal theorists, and people who believe aliens have visited Earth.

What was discovered in Gornaya Shoriya that was so interesting and controversial? Sidorov discovered rocks. There are huge boulders that seem to form an enormous wall. These boulders seem to be cut and stacked on top of each other in a precise order. This immediately caught international attention and people started to speculate that the rocks in Gornaya Shoriya might actually be megaliths, i.e., rocks that were cut and shaped by man.

There’s a lot of debate about the rocks present at Gornaya Shoriya. If they’re man made, they’re the largest of their kind. Currently, the largest stone is The Stone of the Pregnant Woman in Baalbek, Lebanon. The largest of these rocks weight approximately 3,000 to 4,000 tons, which is considerably bigger than other stones anywhere else in the world.

More than Just Rocks

While the megaliths are fascinating, there’s more to do in Gornaya Shoriya. You can trek the woods, hike in the mountainous terrain, gather pine nuts, and simply explore the natural beauty of this place. This region also has an indigenous population with their own history and stories. You can mingle with the Shore people and explore their culture.

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