Hiking & Trekking

It is said that if you truly want to experience a place, you need to explore it on foot. Seasoned travelers will concur to this sentiment. At Taiga Travel, we’ve noticed that people who travel regularly often forgo cars and buses, choosing to explore destinations on foot. Over the years, hiking and trekking trips have become increasingly popular. We’ve taken many enthusiasts to fantastic trekking and hiking destinations in Russia.

Why Russia?

Russia is actually an ideal trekking destination. It’s not a tourist trap with thousands of people crowding the routes. The landscape is pristine, untouched by human hands, and stunning. It’s also very diverse. You get everything from snow-capped peaks, ancient volcanoes, green valleys, to woods and lakes! If you want to take a unique hiking holiday, Russia is the place to visit. Here are some of the best trekking and hiking destinations in Russia.

  • Volcanoes of Kamchatka – Russia has diverse and stunning landscapes and the volcanoes of Kamchatka are surely one of them. Some of these volcanoes are deemed UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This is definitely an experience of a lifetime.

  • Mount Elbrus – Located in the Ural Range, Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe and stands at about 5,642 meters. It is definitely one of the toughest hikes you’ll ever undertake in your life, unless you have plans to scale Mt. Everest. Elbrus isn’t for the faint-hearted, but would definitely give you an adventure of a lifetime.

  • Altai – This region probably has some of the best trekking routes in the world. It’s dotted with snow-capped peaks, deep valleys, and stunning blue rivers. A trek here would be an unforgettable experience. You can also attempt to scale Mount Belukha, the tallest mountain in this region.

  • Ergaki – The Ergaki National Park is located in the Western Sayan Mountains, and is definitely a trekker’s paradise. This region offers some stunning, unforgettable views of rugged mountains, lush green valleys, and crystal clear waters. This is definitely a place to explore!

There are several such destinations that can offer an experience of a lifetime. For your next trekking tour, consider Russia and savor the untouched, pristine natural beauty of this land. You won’t regret your decision.

Why Choose Taiga Travel?

We know Russia like the back of our hand and are familiar with different kinds of adventure travel destinations here. We will make sure that your trip is comfortable and comprehensive. We will point out the safest routes and recommend treks that are within your ability. With Taiga, you don’t have to worry about anything but the trek itself. We will arrange everything from transport to the location to the stay.

So if you want to explore the wonders of Russia on foot, don’t hesitate to contact us at Taiga Travel. You can just give us a call or visit our contact us page to get in touch with us. Our phone number is +7 (423) 279-10-39, +7 (4236) 75-00-65. We’ll be happy to organize a memorable trip for you.