Kodar Mountains

Russia is geographically diverse. The country has mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, plateaus, deserts, etc. You feel like you’re explored the entire world by exploring just one country. That’s one of the reasons why we at Taiga Travel actively encourage people to visit this country. There’s something for everyone here. If you’re an outdoorsy person and love trekking, you can plan a trip for the Kodar Mountains in Russia. You’ll get an unforgettably trekking and hiking experience!

Some Facts about Kodar Mountains

This mountain range is located in the Transbaikal region in southern Siberia and begins at the northern tip of the famous Lake Baikal. This range is considered a part of the Stanovoy Highlands and is a secluded and challenging trekking terrain. Of the 3,000 meter high Stanovoy Mountains, the Kodar is the highest range.

Until about 1,500 in elevation, you travel through woodlands and forests. After that, you face the challenge of tundra and rocky terrain. Kodar Mountains are excellent for experienced trekkers who want something different and unique.

The natural beauty of this place is unparalleled and untouched by humans. You can navigate through nearly 45 miles of unspoiled terrain that’s completely removed from the world. Even during peak trekking seasons, you won’t find many people here. While the region has become more popular amongst professional trekkers, it’s still remote and a little difficult to reach.

Most trekkers start their journey at Chara and finish it at Sakukan train station. The trek can take about 6 to 7 days, depending on your ability. You should expect a very strenuous trek if you plan to explore the Kodar Region.

There’s Something for Amateurs As Well

You don’t really need to explore the entire Kodar Mountains. In fact, there are many things you can do in Kodar aside from trekking. You can visit the old GULAG prisons of USSR. These old walls once held political prisoners and criminals. You can also visit the Chara Desert and explore the sand dunes.

If you crave some human interaction in this remote region, you can visit the settlements of Siberian Natives, the Evenk people. They are hunters, reindeer breeders, and experienced fishermen. You can actually go finishing in their popular haunts. You can’t skip the legendary Baikal-Amur railroad when you visit Kodar. You can catch the BAM train and travel through the most stunning landscape you’ll ever encounter.

The train traverses steep mountain ridges, the yellow peaks of the Charskaya Desert, and numerous frozen lakes and rivers. If you want an unforgettable trekking trip, you need to visit Kodar and we can arrange it for you. We know this region well and will ensure that your trip will be comfortable and successful.

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