Putorana Plateau

Putorana PlateauThere are several places in Russia that can actually be considered heaven on earth and Putorana Plateau is one such place. This region was deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its unique natural diversity. The region has two distinct eco-systems; the subarctic and the arctic. These eco-systems are completely isolated by a mountain range and are virtually untouched. On the plateau, you’ll find unspoiled taiga, arctic desert systems, forest tundra, cold water river and lake systems, and tundra.

This landscape attracts hundreds of local and international tourists to Putorana Plateau every year. We at Taiga Travels are very familiar with this place and will introduce you to the pristine natural beauty of the plateau. You can be sure that you’ll walk away with unforgettable memories.

Things To See

There are several things to see and places to visit in Putorana. This basalt plateau stands at 5,600 feet above sea level and is composed of Siberian Traps. The region is well known because it has some of the world’s largest deposits of nickel. Eco-protection is taken very seriously here so the abundant natural wealth is well-preserved. It’s very unlikely you’ll ever find another place so pristine and untouched by humans.

  • Waterfalls – Putorana Plateauhas the highest number of waterfalls in Russia. These waterfalls come in a variety of shapes and sizes and it’s entertaining to try to discover as many as you can. The tallest amongst them is Talnikovy Waterfall. Many speculate that this waterfall might just be the tallest in Asia. It falls from the height of an estimated 482 meters, though some adventurers claim it must be 600 to 700 meters tall.

  • Lakes - Putorana Plateau has a whopping 25,000 lakes and all of them are untouched, crystal clear cold water systems. It’s doubtful that you’ll ever find purer water anywhere else in the world. These lakes are anywhere between 180 and 240 meters deep and have the second largest freshwater supply after Lake Baikal.

    Of the many lakes present on the plateau, Lake Vivi and Lake Dyupkun are the most popular. Lake Dyupkun is the source of the Talnikovy Waterfall and spans an area of about 80 sq miles. Lake Vivi is famous as the geographical center of Russia and spans an area of about 89 sq miles.

  • The Nature Reserve – Do you love reindeer? If you do, you should consider visiting the Putorana Nature Reserve. The reserve spans 4,663,500 acres and even has a buffer zone of 4,382,000 acres. The sole purpose of this reserve is to protect the largest herd of reindeer in the world!

At its height, the Taimyr herd had 1 million reindeer. By last count in 2009, the herd has 700,000 individuals. The plateau is also home to bighorn snow sheep.

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