SayanThe Sayan Mountain Range is located in southern Siberia and northern Mongolia. It’s widely considered to be one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Russia and the world. The range is broadly divided into two distinct regions. The Eastern Sayan Region extends from the Yenisei River in the northwest to the tip of Lake Baikal at the southwest for about 621 miles. The Western Sayan Mountains are actually an extension of the Altai Mountains in the southwest and stretches north to meet the Eastern Sayan Mountains.

At Taiga Travel, our more adventurous clients love to visit the Sayan Mountains. This untouched region might not attract heavy tourist crowds, but it offers near unparalleled natural beauty for you to explore.

Interesting Things to See

As we mentioned earlier, there’s an abundance of natural beauty here. In fact, some locals actually consider Sayan Mountains to be the favorite vacation spot of the Gods. You can imagine just how stunning the landscape must be for Sayan Mountains to gain that title. This region is rich in biodiversity and cultural diversity and has several untouched forest ecosystems. Here are some interesting and unforgettable places you must visit.

  • The Mountains – The Mountains here are majestic and otherworldly. The highest peak of this range is Monkh Saridag. There are several other challenging and stunning climbing prospects, including the Peak Bird, the Brothers Rock, The Dragon Tooth, Peak Starry, the Hanging Rock, and the Devil Rock. If you like to scale difficult peaks to simply want to watch the rugged beauty of these ancient structures, you should visit Sayan.

  • The Plants and Trees – The Sayan region is usually clubbed together with the Altai region when people describe the plant life here. That’s because the regions are similar in ecology and character. The biodiversity here is stunning. There are over 3,726 different species of plants here and of them 700 are rare and threatened. There are also 317 species that are unique to the region.

  • The Forests – There forests here are excellently preserved and in good condition. Trekkers and campers from all over the world visit this beautiful region to explore nature. This has motivated the local population to make some effort in preserving them. The Sayan region is a bit more accessible than the Altai region so many international tourists visit this place, if they don’t want to face the challenge of Altai.

  • Animals – Wildlife thrives here, despite the hunting culture that’s prominent amongst the locals. There are about 680 different species of fauna and about 6% of them are endemic, or unique to the Altai-Sayan region. This is the natural habitat of the mysterious snow leopard, so you might spot it during your trip.

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